Our Ayurveda & Yoga Reviews

Very Knowledgeable Teachers!

I was recommended this course by a friend due to the ability to combine yoga with Ayurveda therapy. The course taught these hand in hand despite them running as separate courses.

The teachers were all incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain the course content well, I always felt able to ask more questions and was provided with comprehensible answers.

I think going forward, a kind of ‘What you will learn/ cover’ could be useful with the weekly schedule. Also, the sleeping facilities weren’t the best and my room had mold. But the food was great, the location was great, and the teachers, therapists, and manager were all warm, welcoming, helpful and just great people. I definitely graduated with a lot more knowledge and skills that I started with. Overall I do recommend this school.

EmaRice | Visited January 2019.



Ayurveda Massage Course!

I decided to follow an “Ayurveda massage training” at Ayuskama Ayurveda Yoga Institut in Rishikesh after a conversation with Subham, manager of school which gave me all information about the courses and also makes me calm to do an alone journey to India. The supervision was excellent and I had the chance to do a lot of theory and practice skills. In the morning time I got theoretical from Rishi Raj and then the practical work and learning with two women’s therapist’s advice(Shalu thank you), it was a great experience, a pleasant atmosphere and I learned a lot about Ayurveda Massage. Dr. Vinod Kumar was very professional and gave me a ticky book (I’m still studying). The staff was very helpful and friendly(thanks Raju and everybody), good Indian food with neutral taste and ginger thee always available for me. Unhappiness the room was very cold because they don’t have an intern heater. I hope to next time to be better, Anyway, to become an expert, we cant to stop to study…
I improve my skills at home with my husband and friends until I start with my own practice. Thank you, everybody, for a great time. Well goes back for sure!!! Perhaps with my sister then I wanna know Dr. Neetu Singh to follow Hatha Yoga Course.


Katywennekers71 | Visited January 2019.



Two Months in Ayuskama!

I got lots of valuable information through Advanced Ayurveda course, and more balanced health after going through some of the Panchakarma therapies. Mostly my stay in Ayuskama was an enjoyable one.

+ Staff
+ Therapists
+ Theory lessons
+ Practical study sessions; Rishi is great!
+ Food; my special needs were also met very well.
+ Internal atmosphere (from my point of view)

– Time reserved for practice was too limited
– Only one male therapist in the center

+/- Accommodation would need some upgrading
+/- Organizational part could have been better

 tjr776 | Visited January 2019.


Excellent Ayurveda session and treatment!

I had an excellent Ayurveda session with Dr Vinod. He gave me an introduction to Ayurveda – which was very helpful to understand its foundation – and afterward he asked me some questions to know what type of “dosha” prevailed in myself (i.e. body constitution according to Ayurveda’s principles). This consultation was insightful and helped me understand my imbalances and how to improve them. The last part of the session was a 1-hour full-body Ayurveda massage which helped me relax and release tension. All in all, it was a great learning experience!

MarioT1479 | Visited December 2018.


Great place to learn study Yoga and Ayurveda!

I’ve been taking 200hr Yoga TTC and Ayurveda diploma course in September, I also had a panchakarma treatment done. 

The course was well structured and the staff were very friendly and caring they became my family, every single one of them with no exceptions.

Since a very first day, I felt welcomed and every time I asked for something they were always very happy to help, especially the manager Shubham. He was always smiling and in a good mood, answering all questions and even telling nice stories about Indian culture. He was there every day from morning till late evening, sometimes I wondered does he have any rest from us all.

I really enjoyed the massage practice classes with Rishi who is a great teacher and explained everything really well and always smiling. All of us had a chance to get the Massage during the lesson and then to practice on each other, which helped to memorize the techniques quickly. 

Dr. Vinod is very knowledgeable with a good sense of humor what made the classes very fun. Sometimes he was talking really fast but after a while, I got used to it. I was new to Ayurveda and I didn’t expect to become a professional in one month, but the course really gave a solid grasp about it. the books the doctor gave us are very good and he also shared so much extra info from his own practice. 

Dr. Neetu was teaching philosophy. she was very kind and always made sure we understood all the material and was happy to answer any questions even if it took extra time after the class. 

Yoga teacher Satpal is a very good and serious yoga teacher, very knowledgeable in yoga philosophy and his pranayama classes were among my favorite. 

I really enjoyed meditation classes as well. We were introduced to a different meditation technique every day which allowed us to feel what is the most suitable for each of us. 

Overall the course was very intense, around 12-14 hours of studying every day, but its because I took both courses at the same time and plus panchakarma. However, I would do the same if I go there a second time, no regrets it was definitely worth it. 

The food was really good, every day something different. 
The facilities were clean and comfortable considering I was in India and knew it wouldn’t be wise to compare it with western hotels. 

If you want to experience the ayurvedic life in a beautiful authentic place I would definitely recommend Ayuskama. 

Thank you guys for everything and I will be back soon for the other treatments! 🙂

tara_pal | Visited November 2018.


The best Ayurveda Clinic in Rishikesh!

I finished an Ayurvedic Massage Course, which included massage therapies, oils and basic principles of Ayurveda! It was a really interesting experience!

I had the pleasure to attend to one of the most reputable Ayurveda Clinics in Rishikesh and learn from experienced professionals! I can recommend to everyone!

KingaJ245 | Visited August 2018.


Highly recommend!

For 1month staying in Ayuskama Ayuryoga training center. For the course AYTTC 200hrs. 
I learned a lot and trained well. 
Our trainers/teacher/doctor was very great. 
The staff was very friendly, helpful and they always have a smile on their face.
The food was awesome healthy and delicious. They know what your body need. 
Thank you for taking care of us. Giving all information that we need to know and especially training us well. Thank you so much and hope see u again next year.

enelra137 | Visited August 2018.


Loved my yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapy training!

I often think back on my time in Rishikesh at Ayuskama Yoga and Ayurveda School in fall of 2017. It was so interesting to receive treatments while studying Ayurveda so you could gain some first-hand knowledge of the benefits of practicing Ayurveda. 
Dr. Neetu and Dr. Vinod are very busy and family oriented people, but they always make enough time for their students. Dr. Neetu gives the most interesting lectures and Dr. Vinod really cares about his patients.
I benefitted greatly from my training and have developed a regular personal practice. It is also great that students receive consultations. How often does a Western doctor ask you about your digestive or menstrual problems? Dr. Vinod understands the root of the problem. It was so strange to have a doctor who could understand so many of the symptoms I struggled with and that his prescription for everything begins with pranayama and meditation. I still regularly integrate Ayurvedic principles into my diet and lifestyle and feel that my body thanks me for it. 
The staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating. I have often contemplated returning to do the 500 hour course– maybe one day! For now I will encourage friends to study here.

Emily B | Visited July 2018.


Great teachers!

I did a short ayuverdic massage training at Ayuskama, all the teachers were amazing, full of knowledge on ayuverdic philosophy and practice. The masseuses were all young and nice couldn’t believe how good they were on the practice since they are so young I recommend this institute if you want to study ayuverda. ahhh and the food was Yummy.

DVanessa | Visited April 2018.


Life changing experience loved it!

We have spent a month-long course YTTC 200 hours in November 
In Ayur yoga school.
I simply loved the program.
The program is well designed by Dr. Vinod Kumar he is the owner of the retreat I do not have any words described how wonderful he is just would love to say I never ever met the people like him!!!!!
Dr. Nitu wife of Dr. Vinod, she is absolutely well educated with a beautiful smile!!! I loved her!! More than that I loved her teaching she teaches us yoga philosophy.
She is a really amazing and well-educated lady!! I am sure that everyone loves her teaching!!!!
Yoga teaching with Sathya (truth) was completely outstanding I really enjoyed each and every class.
Anatomy class with Kanna was good.
The food was really nice!!
Overall all the staff were absolutely spacactular i would love to recommend this place!!!!!

Pawan k | Visited December2017.


Ayurveda yoga teacher program!

The best place in Rishikesh to learn Ayurveda and yoga. The teachers are very nice and professional. The Ayurveda doctor is the best. I really like the program, learn a lot and enjoy my stay.

linaptol | Visited August 2017.



I am grateful I could spend 2 weeks on Panchakarma treatment under the professional supervision of Dr.Vinod Kumar. The kind approach, excellent food. A lot of takeaways as concerns knowledge on Ayurveda, yoga, lifestyle. I would recommend this facility to everyone.

alena1667 | Visited January  2017.


My first Ayurveda experience in India!

Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute, Rishikesh was a really authentic experience. The teachers are what made this experience so profound. School is located in one of the holiest places in India (Ganga River).
Our morning Hatha sessions were the most energizing part of the day. Master Satya is highly experienced in the field of yoga & exactly knows what he wants to get out the students. He is a genuine teacher who taught us to be disciplined towards our practice
The most interesting part about the programme in the school was the yoga Philosophy & body alignment classes. Dr.Neetu would go out of her way to make the class very joyful, she has an art of explaining the theory that at no given point a student feels monotonous.
Mantra chanting session at midday was so serene, one could literally experience tranquility.
Dr.Vinod made anatomy and Physiology very appealing & intriguing.
Hence, Ayuskama could make my yoga journey enchanting and unforgettable for the rest of my life.

Aet Sillaste | Visited December 2016.


200 hour Hatha teacher training!

Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute, Rishikesh was a really authentic experience. The teachers are what made this experience so profound. School is located in one of the holiest places in India (Ganga River).
Our morning Hatha sessions were the most energizing part of the day. Master Satya is highly experienced in the field of yoga & exactly knows what he wants to get out the students. He is a genuine teacher who taught us to be disciplined towards our practice
The most interesting part about the programme in the school was the yoga Philosophy & body alignment classes. Dr.Neetu would go out of her way to make the class very joyful, she has an art of explaining the theory that at no given point a student feels monotonous.
Mantra chanting session at midday was so serene, one could literally experience tranquility.
Dr.Vinod made anatomy and Physiology very appealing & intriguing.
Hence, Ayuskama could make my yoga journey enchanting and unforgettable for the rest of my life.

Joe M K  | Visited October 2016.


For Providing an Amazing Opportunity!

I have just finished my Ayurveda yoga teacher training at AyuskamaAyur Yoga Rishikesh, and am very happy and contented with my experience. I would highly recommend this yoga school to anyone who wants quality education of yoga! Every aspect, from the teachers, other staff members to the accommodation and food, was perfect. I feel the course is suitable for everyone who wants to delve deeper into Ayurveda, yoga asanas, yoga philosophy and yoga teaching. The journey was peaceful, inspirational, and calming. After finishing the course here, you will feel more balanced and stronger in your yoga practice. All the teachers Yogi Amit, Yogi Satya, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Neetu are highly experienced in their field and they teach with perfection. In addition to classes, I enjoyed free Indian cooking classes, beach yoga, Himalayan trip, and Ganga Aarti. For any yogi who would like a life-changing yogic experience, this is the best place.”

I strongly Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh to everyone who want to seriously practice yoga and who want to share his practice with others! I just finished 200YTT in Rishikesh with AyuskamaAyurYoga. It was great! 

NAOMIYAMOTO | Visited March 2016.


I completed my Ayurveda yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in February 2016. What an incredible experience! All of the teachers at the school are amazing- they constantly inspired u with their passion and dedication, and they worked together as a team so well. They are also definitely some of the most respected yoga teachers in Rishikesh. The course was well laid out, with a lot of asana practice, but also many pranayama, mantra, meditation and philosophy classes. The food was delicious, and the accommodation was great. Also, we only had 10 people in our class, so we got a lot of assistance from the teachers. If you would like to train as a teacher, or just deepen your own practice, then I would definitely recommend doing it through Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh. It has changed not only my practice, but my whole world view. Can’t wait to keep learning and growing!

KumiHozaki | Visited Feb 2016


I completed my Ayurveda Yoga teacher training course 200hrs AYTTC this March. It was an amazing month to say the least. The teachers are just brilliant! I had been to India before and didn’t really get what I wanted out of it but this time I definitely got more than I asked for. Rishikesh has a special kind of energy, feels safe and is just beautifully places by the River Ganga and the lush mountains. I was very happy with the content of the course and the asana teachers for our practical were a cut above the rest, I really feel like I had a proper taste of how the yoga postures should actually be/feel. The food was nice and all the staff were friendly. It really felt like one big family and the staff work around the clock to accommodate such a vast amount of needs and nationalities. I will certainly be back to Rishikesh and can’t thank AyuskamaAyur Yoga Rishikeshfor all their insights, patients and hard work. Namaste

Donna | Visited March 2016


I am so grateful to have been a part of the one month intensive certificate course in Ayurveda. It was a full month of learning about Ayurveda ‘The Science of Life’, Yoga andKirtan which I loved! Dr.Vinod is very knowledgeable in his field, he is also a wonderful teacher, patiently answering my many questions along the way, ensuring full understanding of the content. The Yoga and Ayurveda also add another component of self care and understanding. Running over the course of the month in the mornings and evenings, it gave time to really see improvements and build positive habits to take home and build on with personal practice.

Overall it was such a fantastic experience and one of the highlights on my travels through Asia. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about Ayurveda, not just to become a therapist but to enrich the spirit and gain knowledge that can be applied to everyday life.

Thank-you for a wonderful time!

Julie Clifford | Visited August 2015


AyuskamaRishikesh is your place for Ayurveda treatments as well as for learning authentic Ayurveda. Dr. Neetu & Dr. Vinod are great scholar, kind and passionate person. Diploma of Ayurveda designed by Dr. Vinod is a beautifully structured program that provides all the knowledge needed to be a Ayurvedic therapist and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant.

Elena | Visited Dec 2015


If you want to understand deep in Ayurveda& Yoga…This is the place. Dr Vinod & Dr. Neetu are  great teacher, a very good doctor and a beautiful soul. I took a Diploma course and I still grateful to do it. I suggest this place to anyone need to learn or need treatment. After many years spend in India studying and travelling I finally found a good place! 

Thanks Doctor Vinod and all the good staff

Silvia | Visited Oct 2015


I have been learning Ayurveda from Dr Sharma for Diploma course in Ayurveda and would love to recommend him to anyone who intends to study Ayurveda in principle and in depth. Dr Vinod explains Ayurveda with common sense. He always has time and a lot of patience for his students and patients. He follows Ayurvedic principles in life what makes him very reliable Ayurvedic practitioner. While recommending therapies to the patients his approach is very personal always taking into account what is the best for the patient. His priority is patent health not remuneration. As a dr he takes full responsibility for his patients and guides them with insightful explanations. 

For his students Dr. vinod injects passion and confidence. So after course there is no doubt that one can practice Ayurveda in life and share the practical and theoretical knowledge with others. 

I am thankful for all knowledge, support and guidance i have received from Dr. Vinod during my entire course.

Federico | Visited Dec 2015


What a struggle it was to put into words the incredible experience I had doing the 1 month intensive Ayurveda course with Dr. Vinod Everything about this course from the teachings, to the morning yoga, Ayurveda, kirtan, accommodation & meals was exceptional.

Dr .Vinod & Dr. Neetu is a kind, caring & highly knowledgeable man who’s door is always open for his students & patients.
His teachings were extremely clear & well delivered in an easy to follow, methodical order.

Thanks very much !
Anna | Visited Nov 2015


Amazing !! Was exactly what the course outline stated! Days were intense, fitting so much in, but the variety of yoga,Ayurveda, study, meditation and chanting were perfect. The meals were wonderfully prepared with love, tasted amazing and never left us feeling unsatisfied. The accommodation at Ayuskama was very clean with the most welcoming staff that made you one of their extended family. Dr.Vinod, Dr. Neetu and Yogi Amit were fantastic teachers. Always available to listen and offer help or advice when needed. What I learned here both on paper and in my heart I could never have got at home. I am forever grateful for this experience and the amazing teachers. Highly recommend!!

Jennifer | Jan 2016


I spent 21 days at Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh Institute doing Panchakarma treatment for digestive disorder. I am back home and still on medication and can already see positive results. I would recommend Ayuskama purely due to Dr. Vinod and his team. Dr Vinod is a patient and quiet gentleman who knows what he is doing and teaches you a lot about healthy living and healthy diets, whilst he is treating each individual patient. I learned about the different kind of personality types and diets that suit those individuals. Their Ayurveda Massage and Shirodhara treatments which are conducted by Sarika are extremely soothing and relaxing. The food at Ayuskama is highly recommended as well. I went to Ayuskama without knowing much about the place or about Dr. Vinod, but I had read a review on trip adviser and my gut instinct made me decide that this was the place for me. A decision I do not regret. Dr. Vinod with his calm personality and knowledge just puts you at ease. He can guide you to the best places to stay and eateries in the area. A big Thank You for aiding me and imparting your knowledge upon me.

Anne- Marie | Visited April 2016