Ayurveda Beauty Treatments in Rishikesh, India

skin treatment

Nowadays many people are having various types of skin problems that make a defect in our beautiful skin. Ayurveda has the solution for every kind of Treatment for Beautiful skin. Ayuskama Ayurveda treats all skin diseases using Natural herbs and therapies. Problems like Acne, Age or liver spots, Scars, Birthmarks, Spider and varicose veins, White spots, Stretch marks, Rosacea etc are the basic problems which are treated in Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh, India.

We offer you beauty care procedures those uses natural medicinal herbs and extract, natural ingredients and products which works on every kind of skin type.

Common causes of Skin Problems

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress
  • Digestive system
  • Liver
  • emotional disturbances
  • Blood
  • imbalances in Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
  • Changing Season

Types of Skin

 Vata Skin

This type of skin is generally dry, light and cold in touch. Also, a thin outer layer with fine pored and delicate skin can contribute to wrinkles and aging in Vata Skin type. In the unbalance situations skin becomes excessively dry, rough, skin fungus or flaky. If your digestion is unbalanced then dryness of Vata dosha can make your skin dull, tired and stressed look.

Pitta Skin

This type of skin is generally fair1, reddish, soft, freckled, sensitive and warm in touch. Also, medium outer layer with easily affected by heat and sun that can cause burns.  In the unbalance situations skin can suffer from blemishes, acne, inflammation, oil in Pitta Skin. If you are stressed then it can cause rashes or redness in case of embarrassment or canker sores.

Kapha Skin

This type of skin is generally smoother, softer, moister, and oilier, than the other two also cold in touch. Kapha Skin contains thick, oily, dark wavy hair. Skin pores clogging can be due to Excessive oil excretion with dirt. In the unbalance situations skin can suffer from blackheads, excessive oiliness, pimples, water retention, and enlarged pores.

Prevention of skin problems

Ayurveda is successfully preventing and caring from every skin type problems since more than 5000 thousand years. Here are natural prevention techniques that are followed in our center in Rishikesh, India.

Vata skin Problem Prevention

  • In the case of Vata skin, you need to moisturize your skin because it does not retain moisture as compared to other skin types.
  • Avoid chemically ingredients used skin care products.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Avoid dry foods.
  • Include the oil massage routine.
  • Avoid Dry or crunchy food and cold or raw vegetables.
  • Include soupy food, hot milk, and nuts.
  • Get enough rest; try to sleep and eat at the regular time.
  • Include Yoga and meditation.

Pitta skin Problem Prevention

  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Use medium temperature water for cleaning your skin.
  • Avoid spicy, alcohol, vinegar, coffee, acidic, hot and foods.
  • Sleep before 10.00pm because after this Pitta time starts.
  • Avoid harsh ingredients and synthetic chemicals on the skin.
  • Drink more water and eat organic foods especially sweet and bitter.
  • Use coconut oil on the scalp.
  • Drink aloe vera and sweet juice to prevent digestive problems.
  • Include watery and sweet fruits like cherries, cucumbers, watermelon, and avocado and salad.

Kapha skin Problem Prevention

  • Include proper cleansing of your skin.
  • Before going to bed pat your face with warm milk for a few minutes.
  • Use bentonite clay for exfoliating your skin.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a week.
  • Avoid heavy and oily foods.
  • Include light, bitter and astringent foods, and a garlic supplement.
  • Include exercise and yoga on daily basis.
  • Include dry body massage (uderwaertana)
  • Drink ginger and lemon tea.
  • Include spices like ginger, chili, black pepper, cumin, and bitter dark greens.

Ayurvedic Therapies and Facials with Ayuskama

We provide Ayurvedic facials and Ayurvedic therapies in Rishikesh, India. Our experienced and licensed experts analyze the skin type and use organic and Ayurvedic products to cure your skin using massage and treatments. Also, therapy like Sound, taste, color, touch therapies includes preventing your skin problems.