Ayurveda Treatment for Rejuvenation and Anti-Stress in Rishikesh, India

Nowadays many of us have engulfed by the common disease Stress. There are many reasons that increase and produce Rejuvenation and stress in our day to day life. The only day to day works like poor digestion, mental weariness, skipping food, less sleep can cause stress and fatigue. Ayurveda has the treatment of such diseases with no side effects. We at Ayuskama Ayurveda Yoga offer the Rejuvenation and Anti-Stress in Rishikesh, India. This treatment will grow your beauty and combat the depression, insomnia, and stress within a few time periods. Our Ayurveda specialists give a special treatment of Rejuvenation and Anti-Stress in Rishikesh with the safe and positive outcome.

Anti- Stress Therapies and treatment

With the Anti- Stress Therapies like Shirodhara and other treatment in Rishikesh, we help people to give the positive, calm mind and joyful life. Here are some treatments:

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Vacha, Jatamasi, Ashwagandha etc are very powerful herbs those that help you to make your mind calm and relax.


Shirodhara is the ayurvedic treatment that helps to reduce stress&  depression. In this Ayuskama Ayurveda Yoga Rishikesh, herbal oil, medicated buttermilk and other therapeutic oils are the thread on the third eye. This therapy reduces stress, migraine, and headaches.


This is the stress treatment which is Ayurveda Oil Massage therapy. In Abhyangam with a pressure of hands medicated oil massage of body and mind is done by therapists for one hr. This therapy is beneficial for sleep enhancement as well as strong immunity and stress reliever.

Schizophrenia Treatment:

This treatment is for a specific mental disorder characterized patient called Schizophrenia. This treatment includes the Ayurveda herbs like Brahmi, patha, mulethi, pippali, ashwagandha which is given to the patient and treats the disorder and clear mind blockages.

Thalam and Thalapothichil

These two techniques are used to correct the unplaced Pitta Dosha and nourishing the brain and nervous system. In this treatment medicated paste are applied on the third eye for the specific time period that relaxes the mind.

Rejuvenation Therapies and treatment

We at Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh apply Rejuvenation Therapies (Rasayana Chikitsa) which enhance toning up the skin and strengthening body tissues. Here are the treatment and therapies:

Sweden Karma (Body Sudation)

Sweden karma is the special steam bath therapy that improves the skin tone and also helps to lose weight as well. In this herbs are steamed and taken up to 20 minutes with the special hand massage. This is a specific therapy for rheumatic disease patients.

Kayakalpa Chikitsa

This therapy is used for regenerating the body cells include specific diet and treatment. This Body Immunization and Longevity Treatment help to improve the immune system and good to do before age of 50.

Body Slimming Treatment

In this treatment body weight is corrected using herbal oils and powders. These herbs improve the body condition.

Beauty Care
Beauty care treatment improves the glow of body and face, herbal face packs, Oil massages are used. This includes the intake of herbal tea to rejuvenate the skin.

Yoga and Meditation for Rejuvenation and Anti-Stress

Yoga and Meditation are an important part of Ayurveda. Yoga and Meditation help to get rid of diseases like stress, depression and teach us about the positivity. There is yoga and meditation process like Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Samadhi etc those helps to calm mind and practices you at Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh.