Ayurveda marma therapy course

Marma therapy is an ancient healing technique in Ayurveda, according to Ayurveda there are various energy points in the human body, 107 to be exact. Pressurizing these 7 points provides relief to the body and generates the happy hormones in our body, which automatically changes our perception of life and generates a positive attitude towards it. Marma therapy is also said to be related to the ancient Chinese acupuncture technique, just like acupuncture has several specific body points that needs to be activated or regenerated by the piercing of a needle. Marma therapy also focuses on the 107 points and applying pressure on these points helps a body to recover and awaken the consciousness of the mind and body.

Online Marma Therapy Course
Online Marma Therapy Course

Online Marma Therapy Course Online

Our Marma therapy program session will last for a week where you have to give only one hour per day of yourself and the cost of this course will be ($79 for foreign students) and (4900 Rs for Indian students). This course will make you capable of:

Understanding the basic concepts and principles of Ayurveda.

Determining the exact marma therapies for concerning health problems and you will learn about the common massage oils as well as the 107 vital points of the human body.

Learning about chakras, Nadi and pranas.

Performing basic Marma therapy.

  • Online Marma Therapy Course
    OVERVIEW: Learn Ayurveda Online Marma Therapy course
    DURATION: 1 WEEKS (Mon to Sat) 

    For Foreigner Students: $79

    For Indian Students: 4900INR

Ayurveda Marma Therapy Course Online

Marma is not just about releasing happy hormones, it’s also beneficial for improving many body conditions that people suffer from, and some of those conditions are:

  • Low energy and fatigue.
  • General aging problems.
  • Digestion and defecation problems.
  • Nervous system disorders.
  • Memory loss, unable to focus and confusion.
  • Fears and phobias.
  • Muscular and joint pains.
  • Breaking out of belief systems.

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To understand and learn this course, you need not have any other prior knowledge of yoga or Ayurveda. You can start from this course and learn a lot about the effects of Ayurveda and yoga in the improvement of you mind and body health.