Ayurveda Stress Management Course Online

Ayurveda in itself is renowned in the world as the art of stress management, everything that Ayurveda provides is supposed to make you stress-free and relieve your mind of all types of stress. This stress management course includes all the details related to stress-relieving techniques such as massage, use of herbal oils and other physical exercise therapies. Some of the therapies that you will learn in this course will be massages such as ShiroAbhyanga (head, neck and shoulder massage), MukhaAbhyangaShirodhara (face massage), Yoga, Nidra, Pranayam, and Meditation, Marma therapy and other essential special oils and herbal medication.

Ayurveda Stress Management Online Course

Not just this, you will also receive some lifestyle-changing advice and guidance which will improve your living style and reduce unnecessary stress from your life. You will also learn about the massage techniques of different body parts and the special pressure parts on each body that will help in reducing your stress. This certificate course will last for one week (Mon-Sat) and during this period you only have to give one hour of your time every day with a minimum fee of $90. This will be a beginner stress management course which will cover all the basic parts and will give you the basic idea behind each and every massage, medicine, yoga and pranayama.

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  • Online Ayurveda Stress Management Course Fees
    OVERVIEW: Learn Online Ayurveda Stress Management Course

    For Foreigner Students: $90

    For Indian Students : 6000 Rs

Online Stress Managment Course

After finishing this course you will receive a certificate and then you will become a recognized stress management guru, you can then apply for further certification and become an expert in this field. This course will be of great importance in your quest for the knowledge of Ayurveda and its benefits, it will lay a foundation for your learning and will teach you enough to give your services to your friends and family. So, have a look at this course and cover all the basic aspects of Ayurveda and all its elements.