Online Multi Style 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Patanjali, the father of yoga is also the one who created the hatha or asthanga yoga, this series of yoga contains of eight parts and according to it the yoga practice helps in the development of mind, body and the increases the senses of our system. Asthanga yoga is the only one yoga practice which covers all the aspects of yoga and this is what our yoga experts are here to teach you. For beginners and those with keen interest in yoga, this part is the most important of all and to become a certified yoga teacher, you need to undergo through the 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Online Multi Style 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

This 200 hour teacher training course will be covered in four weeks and each class will be conducted for four to five hours per day with Sunday off, and the course fee will be around $600. The course will start by talking about the most basic foundations of Asthanga yoga and its benefits to the body and mind and then will move further towards all the important pranayams and aasans that are taught in the asthanga yoga. Hatha yoga and asthanga yoga are are a little different as in asthanga yoga you need to first focus yourself and became aware of your body and then move towards the physical exercise and meditation. Whereas, in the hatha yoga you need to start from the physical postures which will slowly improve your exercising techniques and with enough practice you will be able to perform the pranayams easily.

Online 200 hr Hatha/Asthanga Yoga Course

  •  Online Multi Style 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    OVERVIEW: Learn Ayurveda Online Hatha/Asthanga Yoga course
    DURATION: Four- week (four to five hr class/day, Sun Off)

    For Foreigner Students: $499

    For Indian Students: 18,000 INR

Online Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training Course

After the completion of this course, you will receive the certification which will make you eligible to teach the yogic practices to people around you and then you can also further apply for the advance yoga sessions to learn more about it and become a knowledgeable teacher.