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The key to master any art or science is to begin very first. This article is a must-read if you
aspire to learn and reach expert level in Yoga. The team of Ayuskama Rishikesh shares most
effective tips that will help yoga beginners a lot –

1. Try to set a particular time for Yoga practice – For the busy bees of today’s
world, setting one particular time is difficult. But to sustain Yoga practice in long
run, you must set aside a particular time every day. Start with 30 minutes and
increase the time to at least an hour daily. Having a ‘Me-Morning’ is the best way
to commit yourself to Yoga. You can give your day a perfect start doing yoga in
the morning.
2. Space does matter – People say you can practice yoga even in your room. Well,
try practicing yoga in an open space, in your home garden or a nearby park
where you can inhale fresh air. You will notice the difference in your energy level
when you choose a cleaner and greener space to practice yoga.
3. Bending takes time – Most of the people feel disheartened initially as they are
not that flexible. They feel Yoga is not for them as they find it difficult to touch
their toes or bend backwards or go flat. Remember, body takes time but
eventually it does flow with the rhythm. So even the most rigid bodies become
flexible with regular yoga practice. Keep doing yoga, and more yoga if you wish
to achieve supreme flexibility.
4. Mark 1 new aasana for each day – Use your personal diary or a Smartphone to
write 1 new aasana which you will practice every day. Do not continue to repeat
same aasans. Make sure you try out new. You can always Google or check our
website to find what new aasanas you can practice at home.
5. Breathe yourself to good health – Yoga is the only fitness form which impacts at
all levels – body, mind and soul. It is important to follow up your daily Yoga
sessions with breathing exercises which will not only detoxify your system but
also cleanse your mind of baseless negativity and worries.

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