30 Aug 2020

Ayurveda Method to Diagnose Three Body Types

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient techniques for treating illnesses. It is a different way of treating diseases. It is based on natural remedies instead of chemical-based medicines used by modern medical science. Ayurveda treats disease based on body types. The human body has three elements that decide and manage body function. These elements decide the body built, personality, and the body’s response to different types of sicknesses. The elements are called doshas in the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. Yoga is one of the methods to treat these doshas.

Ayurveda Its Method to Diagnose Three Body Types

The meaning of doshas

Dosha is a word that comes from Sanskrit, which means a ‘fault’ or ‘disease.’ These are the connection between the physical body and the energy which makes us live. Doshas are invisible, and the imbalance in them leads to different types of disorders.

As per Ayurvedic texts, there are three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every person is born with a unique combination of doshas and genetic composition. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that health is achieved by balancing the three doshas.

Composition of Doshas

Ayurveda explains the doshas as being made up of five elements, such as Ether (Space), Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The three doshas are Vata – associated with Ether (Space) and air elements, Pitta, which associated with fire and water elements and Kapha, which is associated with earth and water elements.

The doshas are inborn qualities and remain with us the whole life. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. They affect not only our physical characteristics but also the emotional part of our life. Balancing of these doshas leads to a healthy body and mind.

Physical and Emotional Characters and Doshas

Vata Dosha has its own Physical and emotional characters.

Physical Characters:

  • Less stamina
  • Flexible and thin body with a lightweight
  • Light muscular with low-fat
  • Prone to irregularity in sleep pattern
  • Problems of gas and constipation.

Emotion Characters:

  • Quick action taking tendency
  • Very inclined to mood swings
  • Creative and imaginative mind with thought clarity.
  • The tendency to overexert in all conditions.

Pitta Dosha also has physical and emotional traits:

Physical Traits:

  • Prone to baldness and premature greying of hair
  • Medium built body with strong bones
  • Soft and fair-skinned
  • Have a slightly higher body temperature.
  • The very strong digestive system

Emotion Traits:

  • Get angry easily and can’t absorb stress.
  • Intellectual and hence can be rude.
  • Spoken speech due to highly developed language abilities.
  • Want everything in order and don’t like disorder.
  • Love to be challenged

Kapha Dosha can also be main in people. In the present time, this is the Dosha, which is the foremost one. The characteristics of this Dosha are:

Physical Characters:

  • Physically strong
  • Bones are heavy and very strong.
  • Like food rich in sugar.
  • Prone to sinus and chest infection.

Emotion Characters:

  • Caring, loving, and forgiving.
  • Relaxed in their method.
  • Very sharp memory
  • Do not like changes in life.
  • Slow in decision-making.
  • It can work for longer periods.

Knowing the body type and qualities can help one to balance diet and lifestyle. Each body type is unique and should be accepted with its strengths and weakness.

The best way is to learn about doshas is to join an Ayurveda yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. The trained yoga teachers have profound knowledge about this aspect of diagnosis. Ayuskama in Rishikesh is one of the options with skilled trainers in this field. They will help you develop your life and make it full of joy and happiness.

15 Jul 2020

Yoga as a science of health and healing

When Yoga is used as a Science of Health and Healing,all its techniques and methods which are basically meant for the spiritual experiences automatically get geared to do their job for the promotion of Health and for bringing the Healing touch to the body and mind suffering from l-health. For this purpose,the approach which Yoga advocates does have three main components:

What science says about the health benefits of yoga

  • First is the practical discipline which involves the practices of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Asanas involve the increased awareness of various physical and physiological processes influenced by controlled stretching.
  • contraction and relaxation of various muscles, their coordination in balancing and during maintenance of Posture etc.
  • Pranayama practices, similarly involve the manipulation of breathing mechanism along with the increased awareness of the pressure changes inside the cavity of chest and abdomen.
  • Dhyana or the Meditational practices increase the awareness of one’s own mental processes including the thoughts, emotions, memory etc. It can make one aware how constant restlessness at the level of mind contributes in the feeling of emotional stress, feeling of constant fear and insecurity. This increased awareness combined with the manipulative techniques of Dhyana practices, gradually restore the psycho-physiological functions back to its healthy, harmonious and balanced state.

Yoga as a science of health and healing

(A) Second component concerns with the regulation of Diet as well as the regulation of Daily Habits involving the pattern of sleep.
recreational activities and working habits. This helps in removing all those irritants which are responsible for the imbalance in the functioning of body-mind complex.

(B) Third component concerns Itself with changes in one’s attitudes, behavior and lifestyle which would help in inducing of sharing feeling of warmth in friendship and concern love and respect for the whole beautiful world. This acts as an antidote for the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness which may come in the absence of proper relationship with the world around.Many times when people talk about YOGA: they focus their attention only on the first component involving varieties of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation techniques. Thus they continue Yoga to a small period of their daily life, as if rest of the day has nothing to do with Yoga. But really speaking the Yogic way of living in the rest of the day is not only equally but more important from the healing point of view. Whatever skills one has learnt from the Yogic practices need to be used throughout the day. In this sense the UPAYOGA: ie the use of the Yogic skills throughout the day needs to be given proper attention. The last two components attend to this Upayoga aspect of Yoga. If you undertake Yoga in this spirit keeping this broad framework in mind and comply with all the instructions given to you, you would find that Yoga gives you not only relief from your problems but opens up new ways of enjoying your life. Ayurveda Panchakarma

05 Oct 2018

About Google professional training programs

Google vocation declarations dispatched on Coursera in 2018 with its IT support proficient confirmation. The global innovation organization looked to give students reasonable preparing and abilities to cure a continuous deficiency of tech laborers. Today, Google offers six authentications in popular tech regions: IT support, information examination, project the executives, IT mechanization, UX plan, and Android improvement.

About Google professional training programs

Google’s well-informed authorities and senior professionals fostered these IT preparing testaments. The completely online declarations for the most part require six or less months to finish and expect almost no involvement with programming or tech. Selected students access continue building instruments, profession organizing administrations, and meeting planning materials. Declaration searchers can likewise interface with forthcoming bosses at more than 130 organizations through Google’s committed boss consortium pipeline.

Is a Google profession declaration ideal for you?

Google profession declarations can assist with producing business openings for grown-up understudies today, including minority and underserved populaces. Google’s 2019 Certificate Impact Report shows that 60% of testament searchers distinguished as female, Black, Latinx, or military veterans. Basically 57% of students that year didn’t have a four-year professional education.

Google endorsement understudies ordinarily seek after jobs, for example, IT support trained professional, information investigator, web engineer, UX creator, and venture supervisor. These developing, popular professions compensate fairly. Additionally, large numbers of these jobs include a remote workplace and show strength during seasons of emergency, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Google profession authentication

Imminent testament searchers should think about the geniuses as a whole and cons of Google’s vocation endorsement programs. With the fast improvement and general acknowledgment of web based learning advancements, numerous students today think about web-based testaments and bootcamps a suitable option in contrast to professional educations, yet a few bosses stay wary.

The absolute best parts of Google vocation testaments incorporate their expense, distant adaptability, and nonconcurrent design. Google reports that most students burn through 10 or less hours examining each week. These $39/month programs include offbeat conveyance that permits you to work at your own speed, obliges occupied timetables, and assists students with completing in 3-6 months.

Be that as it may, Google vocation endorsement programs don’t have similar scholastic accreditations as two-and four-year schools and colleges. A few bosses may not see these testaments as having a similar worth. Then again, these practical projects give numerous understudies a major lift in material mechanical abilities that show businesses their solid worth ethic and strive after information in a specific tech region.

Google profession declarations at present on offer

Google’s six profession declaration programs offer preparing in quickly developing innovation vocations. From information examination and task the board to UX plan and IT support, how about we investigate each program Google has to bring to the table far off students.

The information investigation testament on Coursera gets ready understudies to seek after positions in a few significant ventures like money, innovation, medical services, and diversion. Normal positions endorsement holders seek after incorporate junior information researcher, business knowledge investigator, and monetary expert and make a middle yearly compensation of $86,200. You needn’t bother with experience in organized inquiry dialects or related regions to finish this information investigation program effectively.

The program highlights classes in fundamental information investigation apparatuses and abilities, remembering guidance for R, the open-source programming language. Extra required courses incorporate information driven choices, information through the specialty of perception, and a capstone course. Most students complete this program in less than a half year and pay $39/month.

Google’s Coursera project the executives testament requires approaching students to have no past related insight. This program shows Agile undertaking the board programming, key correspondence and critical thinking abilities, and Scrum procedures.

With more than 140 hours of guidance, project the board understudies acquire insight with the executives recreations and involved activities. Required classes in project the executives incorporate venture execution and a last capstone course.

This $39/month authentication takes under a half year to finish. Venture the board authentication holders frequently seek after section level jobs as undertaking directors, scrum experts, and task facilitators. Initial jobs in this space commonly pay a middle yearly compensation of $67,280.

The $39/month UX configuration program assists you with fostering the abilities to chip away at client experience with items, including applications, sites, and substantial articles. Students complete seven Coursera courses and more than 200 hours of guidance in six or less months. Required classes incorporate UX configuration measure, wireframes and low-devotion models, and website architecture in Adobe XD.

UX configuration declaration holders frequently search for jobs like UX specialist, UX architect, or UI originator. Numerous experts discover work in ventures like money, innovation, or promoting. With the expanding fame of UX-focused jobs, experts can expect a 13% development in accessible situations by 2030. Computerized fashioners make a middle yearly compensation of $77,200.

Google’s IT support authentication prepares you for important situations in organizations, government associations, and schools in as not many as a half year. Authentication holders in this space can look for section level positions, including help work area expert, data set manager, and IT specialist. Experts in IT backing can expect a 13% development in accessible positions by 2030 and a middle yearly compensation of $55,510.

Notwithstanding sought after vocation openings, Google’s IT support authentication through Coursera gets ready students for the CompTIA A+ confirmation. For $39/month, students complete five classes, including framework organization and IT foundation administrations, working frameworks, and IT security in six or less months.

With guidance in Python and crucial programming ideas to Github and IT critical thinking, Google’s IT mechanization authentication sets you up for occupations including IT support trained professional and junior frameworks head. Most students complete this $39/month certification in 6-8 months.

The IT mechanization endorsement on Coursera requires six classes, including prologue to Git and Github, troubleshooting procedures, and computerizing errands with Python. Endorsement holders can seek after vocations, for example, IT support subject matter experts and junior frameworks managers. These experts make a middle yearly compensation of $55,510.

Imminent understudies without essential information in information the board, organizing, and working frameworks ought to consider the IT support declaration program rather than the IT mechanization program.

Students keen on troubleshooting, keeping up with, or building applications for Android can finish this 100% remote, independent program with no programming experience. It requires 5-6 months to finish. The free web-based review guide covers Kotlin fundamentals, designs, route, and associating with the web.

Students should breeze through Google’s confirmation test prior to acquiring the designer certification. The $149 online test covers five significant classes: information the board, UI, application usefulness, investigating, and testing. Endless supply of the program and test, understudies can seek after passage level jobs in PC frameworks plan and related administrations. Pay rates for these experts change among positions, however computerized originators in this space make a middle yearly compensation of $77,200.

Profession building assets through Google

Students in Google vocation testament programs appreciate admittance to an assortment of free devices for work searchers. During and after your declaration program, you can exploit Google’s pursuit of employment tips and virtual studios in continue composing, quest for new employment devices, organizing, and talking with techniques. To assist with refining your pursuit of employment for tech-centered professions, make certain to look at our article “Best software engineering occupations 2021: Top vocations thought about.”

Google vocation declarations business consortium

The business consortium at Google endeavors to interface nontraditional occupation searchers with strong work openings. The organizations who partake in the consortium advantage from admittance to Google’s work board and enrolling devices to publicize occupations, including email missions to select the right ability. Broadly perceived managers take an interest in this program, including SiriusXM, Accenture, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Bank of America. Managers can join this consortium free of charge and present an interest structure right away.

What amount does a Google vocation testament cost?

Google profession authentications through Coursera cost just $39/month. Since these classes follow an independent learning design, finishing on the web course prerequisites all the more rapidly implies playing less. The Associate Android Developer affirmation is the main program outside of this installment structure, which charges $149 to take the certificate test. Self-concentrate on materials for Android improvement affirmation are free.

Monetary guide

Google profession declaration searchers can apply for monetary guide on the Coursera site. To find the application for a singular program, visit the Google endorsement page of your decision and snap “Monetary guide accessible” to one side of the orange “Enlist for Free” button. Furthermore, make certain to finish up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as numerous understudies meet all requirements for government help or help through Google. Since the start of Grow with Google programs, the organization has supported in excess of 100,000 need-based grants for profession testament searchers.

Does Google offer free preparing?

Google offers free preliminaries however no free authentication preparing. Just oneself review materials for the Android engineer program are free.

What accreditations are presented by Google?

Google offers IT support, information investigation, project the executives, IT computerization, UX plan, and Android improvement endorsements.

Is a Google IT proficient endorsement awesome?

Indeed. As indicated by Google, 82% of authentication graduates announced a positive profession improvement inside a half year of finishing their program.

05 Oct 2018

Oracle Launches SaaS Payroll Service for IGOs and NGOs

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 28, 2021/PRNewswire/ – Oracle today declared another finance arrangement that will help associations, beginning with Intragovernmental and Nongovernmental associations (IGOs and NGOs), explore complex compensation rules and approaches to effectively pay any worker, anyplace, in any money. A piece of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Payroll Core is an adaptable finance the executives arrangement that empowers associations to handily design finance to meet both nearby and worldwide compensation rules in a solitary framework. It permits associations to meet special business prerequisites not tended to with conventional finance arrangements.

Oracle Launches SaaS Payroll Service for IGOs and NGOs

Conventional finance arrangements are regularly intended to meet explicit nation pay rules, however do not have the adaptability to oversee global compensation rules needed for associations like IGOs and NGOs. These associations oversee distinctive compensation structures for representatives working all throughout the planet. For instance, they are frequently not expose to nearby settle rules like duties, additional time, or the lowest pay permitted by law however they should hold fast to exceptional worldwide compensation practices like post administration and multi-cash. What’s more, as certain nations don’t have complex finance computations for social protection and other assessments to consider, associations are frequently needed to invest energy and assets ascertaining finance physically, which improves the probability of mistakes.

Prophet Payroll Core will permit associations, beginning with IGOs and NGOs, to effectively design a finance framework that meets exceptional hierarchical necessities and pay their labor force in any area. Locally coordinated into Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Payroll Core can be designed to naturally compute finance as indicated by global or neighborhood pay rules, utilizing the most cutting-edge data about a worker. Likewise, by examining finance information close by other HR information like abilities, socioeconomics, and execution data, Oracle Payroll Core assists associations with acquiring the bits of knowledge expected to settle on more essential labor force choices.

With Oracle Payroll Core, associations will profit from:

  • Adaptable Payroll: Organizations can without much of a stretch follow any mix of worldwide and nearby compensation governs by designing their finance estimations to help different worker needs paying little mind to area. IGOs and NGOs can even finish complex finance activities like parting pay across different types of cash so workers can keep investment funds in their home money, while paying for nearby costs where they are positioned.
  • Improved on Processes: Organizations can utilize a solitary finance answer for help their labor force around the world. What’s more, they can profit from highlights in Oracle Cloud HCM to consequently add fresh recruits to finance and approve information to assist with guaranteeing finance exactness.
  • A More Empowered Workforce: Organizations can save time and assets by permitting representatives to make changes to their own data utilizing worker self-administration, which eases monotonous manual cycles. This assists representatives with zeroing in on essential needs and significant work.

“Prophet Payroll Core will follow through on our vision to help our clients rapidly and effectively pay their workers anyplace all throughout the planet. IGOs and NGOs direct lifesaving work and their representatives are frequently prepared to evacuate their families for everyone’s benefit of the worldwide populace,” said Yvette Cameron, senior VP, Oracle Cloud HCM. “Mind boggling and monotonous finance measures remove time and assets from these associations that could be better spent on the basic administrations they give. With Oracle Payroll Core, we are helping these associations exploit the cloud to acquire the adaptability and convenience they need to plan finance measures that meet their remarkable requirements.”

Prophet Payroll Core is the furthest down the line expansion to the extensive finance abilities inside Oracle Cloud HCM. The finance capacities inside Oracle Cloud HCM support assorted prerequisites across associations, laborers, and enterprises to give productive, consistent, and configurable worldwide finance arrangements. Furthermore, Oracle Cloud HCM empowers clients to use predefined combinations with their finance suppliers to additionally lessen intricacy and cost.

See here for more data about Oracle Payroll: https://www.oracle.com/human-resources the board/finance/

See here for more data regarding how finance programming can help your business: https://www.oracle.com/human-resources the executives/finance/what-is-finance programming/

About Oracle offers coordinated set-ups of uses in addition to get, independent foundation in the Oracle Cloud. For more data about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), kindly visit us at oracle.com.

Brand names Oracle, Java, and MySQL are enlisted brand names of Oracle Corporation.

05 Oct 2018

Microsoft Advertising : Boost Your Business and Reach High-Value Audiences

However much web-based media might want you to trust in the simplicity of business venture, fabricating a business is surely no little accomplishment. However, on the off chance that you’ve figured out how to beat those underlying obstacles and acquired some footing, the subsequent stage is to guarantee that your meaningful venture progresses forward a way of development.

One approach to do as such is by extending the span of your business with internet publicizing. Presently, before you get glammed up for Instagram or get familiar with each dance on TikTok, there are computerized advanced promoting choices that are a touch a larger number of hands-off than dance-off.

Microsoft Advertising : Boost Your Business and Reach High-Value Audiences

One of the administrations with higher change rates you can consider is Microsoft Advertising. The stage is allowed to join, and you can at present acquire $100 in search advertisements when you burn through $25 in the assistance.

Pursue Microsoft Advertising

The Gateway to More Business

Ladies holding PDA

With Windows essentially introduced on each PC, it ought to be nothing unexpected that a noteworthy measure of individuals are utilizing the Microsoft Search Network. Across Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other partnered destinations, there are 719 million extraordinary month to month searchers around the world. As per Microsoft Advertising, that incorporates “47 million [people] you will not discover on Google.”

However, more critically, this pool of potential item buyers depicts the accompanying measurements that might resemble impeccably with your favored supporters:

Microsoft Search Network clients burn through 22% more online than the normal searcher.

  • 71% of searchers are age 35 and more established.
  • 60% of searchers have gone to school.
  • 55% of searchers procure $75K or more a year.

It’s this mix of measurements that makes the Microsoft Search Network an especially high-esteem crowd. In the event that the interest group for your item or administration lines up with any or these measurements, then, at that point, higher change rates and a superior ROI (profit from speculation) are more probable for your missions.

Admittance to this sort of reach unquestionably helped an organization like Santa Barbara Chocolate. By using the stage, the little, California-based brand utilized the more prominent openness to acquire a lot more fans across state lines and surprisingly expanded their transformation rate by 476%.

Story proceeds

  • Numerous different organizations additionally keep on having comparative positive outcomes through Microsoft Advertising, as:
  • A 83% increment in clicks from reconnected crowds who are bound to change over.
  • A 200% lift in CVR (transformation rates) while decreasing expense per click by 30% with Shopping Campaigns.
  • A 44% improvement in crusade CTR (clickthrough rate).
  • A 389% YoY (year over year) expansion in changes.

While these details might mirror an accentuation on web-based deals, the help is additionally an incredible apparatus for creating more neighborhood business. So in case you’re hoping to drive more people strolling through to the pastry kitchen you just opened up or get more telephone requests for your auto-body shop, Microsoft Advertising can be altered to do as such.

Cost Outlook

Financial specialists in store on tablet

Microsoft Advertising is a compensation for each snap support and can help any business, large or little. There are no essentials needed to utilize the stage. So in case you are bootstrapping a watch-flipping business starting from the earliest stage, you don’t need to stress over destroying your ledger to promote it.

Computerized advertisement creation, augmentations, and offering save you time on overseeing efforts and assist you with accomplishing the most ideal profit from speculation. Microsoft Advertising likewise offers free proficient support from computerized promoting specialists prepared to assist organizations with arriving at objectives with any financial plan.

A Window of Opportunity

Financial specialist in store on tablet

As referenced previously, It’s allowed to pursue Microsoft Advertising, and you can presently procure $100 in search advertisements when you burn through $25 in the assistance. The stage offers a wide range of apparatuses and bits of knowledge to assist you with achieving different objectives for your business.

You can even import your Google Ads crusades in case you are intending to switch or need to add this help to enhance your present showcasing endeavors.

Pursue Microsoft Advertising

Regardless of whether it’s for more prominent advertisement commitment, more calls, additional people walking through, selling items on the web, or extra web-based transformations, you can arrive at high-esteem crowds for a negligible portion of the expense with Microsoft Advertising.

Our editors endeavor to guarantee that the data in this article is precise as of the date distributed, however if it’s not too much trouble, remember that offers can change. We urge you to confirm all agreements of any item before you apply.

20 Apr 2018

Abhyanga – Traditional Ayurveda Massage










Ayurvedic massages are of different kinds and they all have numerous benefits. And according to ancient Ayurvedic texts, the Abhyanga is a kind of “oil massage” and it is considered as a form of Ayurvedic medicine. It involves body massage with a generous amount of warm oil that is more often than not pre-medicated with herbs and is effective in relieving specific health conditions. It is a part for the preparation for Panchakarma treatment and has the following benefits:

Reduces Stress

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage reduces stress, normalizes heart rate and blood pressure as well. It is ideal for people suffering from hypertension and anxiety.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can be reduced

Some studies suggest that using herbal oil for Abhyanga helps children with cerebral palsy in holding their head. It strengthens their motor skills and this can be achieved by using dhanwanthara thaila (oil) which is utilized during the Shiro Pichu therapy. The expert will place an oil-soaked cotton pad on the child’s head and this is how it helps them in this condition.

Helpful to Diabetic Neuropathy Patients

Diabetic patients when massaged on their feet with herbal oil for about 20 minutes every day for 2 weeks, experience a significant reduction in burning sensations. With time the burning sensation reduces and in case of reoccurrence (after roughly 4 weeks or so) most of the patients report it being of lower magnitude or severity as compared to the first day of the treatment.

Softer and Healthier Heals

People who receive Abhyanga with sesame oil for a month find that there is a significant reduction in their heels getting dry and cracking. This means less pain and reduced itchiness and also much less discomfort. Abhyanga is a very unique form of massage and it has amazing benefits for your mind, body, skin, and immunity. Along with copious amounts of oil, you will be treated with one or two or more therapists who will perform massages in a particular sequence that will relax your mind and heal your muscles.

So would you like to learn or experience such a wonderful Panchakarma treatment? Come to Ayuskama Rishikesh – where we offer training programs in Panchakarma and also provide Panchakarma services. For more details, click…………………..

07 Apr 2018

Learning Yoga in Rishikesh: A Gift for Life











Talk about learning Yoga in Rishikesh, it can actually be a life-altering decision for you. Yoga is very beneficial for us as it is but learning it amidst the scenic backdrop of Rishikesh rejuvenates you and calms your mind. You are able to experience each and serenity like never before. When years of having been committed to an endless job and completing all your duties as a son and brother, or as a mother or daughter, what you seek is some “ME TIME.” You want and deserve a break and this is when you should think of planning a little escape to Rishikesh.

The day you step on to this holy soil you will realize just how many spiritual souls this land has accumulated over the years. Countless people from across the world have made Rishikesh their home for the simple reason that it offers them refuge and an escape from their mess of a life that threatens their freedom and peace of mind.

We already have numerous studies to show that performing yoga poses not only reduces stress and fatigue by adjusting the hormone cortisol in our body but is also dissolves our toxins and helps us get rid of negativity. It energizes us and rejuvenates our very being by aligning our thoughts and ideas and cleansing our breath and aura as we inhale and exhale deep and repetitively.

What makes it even more interesting and fruitful is the picturesque splendor of Rishikesh retreats that surrounds you from all the corners. There are lush greenery and calming water bodies that touch the right chord with our soul. You can enroll in different yoga programs offered by Ayuskama Rishikesh that is designed for beginners and intermediates and experts. Everyone can find peace and tranquillity learning Yoga from the expert team of Ayuskama that has been blessed to spread the love for yoga all around the world.


28 Mar 2018

How Ayurveda Teaches you Nutritious food choices


Good food habits are not just some lessons that our elders teach us. These have been followed right from the times of the Indian Vedic history due to the medicinal value they had. Ayurveda has certain rules regarding food and nutrition and when taken in the right quantities and at the right time, food can help cure numerous ailments.

Sharing with all a few important food principles of Ayurveda –

Eat natural foods

According to Ayurveda, our bodies are intelligent enough to process natural foods. Therefore if you choose fresh fruit or whole grains and vegetables that are organically-grown it makes a lot of sense. We are made to digest and take benefit of natural foods so it is better to choose organic and unprocessed foods if you want to stay healthy and disease free.

Choose lots of fruits and vegetables

Ayurveda tells you to prefer bioavailable foods. Yes, this means that we should cook our veggies properly. Although raw fruits are easy to eat and digest, raw vegetables, on the other hand, may become difficult to process. Despite the fact that they may contain more nutritional value in the form of vitamins and nutrients, they can be a lot harder to metabolize for our bodies.

Understand your Agni

Apart from this fact, if you eat raw veggies for lunch, this gives your body plenty of time and energy to digest it because when the sun is up and high, our Agni (digestive machinery or fire) can work at its maximum potential. As the sun goes down, it mellows down and so should your food choices. So make sure to take lighter meals as the day is about to end to avoid any kind of doshas.

Choose the right spice

Ayurveda says that each one of your meals should contain all the 6 flavors: bitter, salty or savory, sour, sweet, astringent, and pungent. We all have a predominant dosha makeup and following are a few examples of what kind of flavors we would prefer based upon that:

Vata- heavy meals with sour and salty taste

Kapha- pungent meals

Pitta- sweet flavors

If you are keen to learn more about food and nutrition as per Ayurveda; join exclusive courses and training programmes offered at Ayuskama Rishikesh. For more details, click https://ayuskamarishikesh.com/ayurveda-courses/ayurveda-nutrition-cooking/

10 Mar 2018

Does Kundalini Yoga interest you?

Kundalini yoga rishikesh
Many of you are already aware of Kundalini (Chakra or Spiral) Yoga which is known as the power house inside a human body. Explaining Kundalini Yoga in simple words – It is a yogic practice of awakening the seven chakras or Kundalinis inside your body which will help you in achieving your maximum creative potential and living a purposeful life.

Awakening Kundalini therefore is a mammoth task and requires consistent practice, dedicated determination and expert guidance. You must have heard the phrase that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; that’s why it is always beneficial to learn Kundalini Yoga from expert Sadhakas because this form of yoga goes beyond the physical postures and is considered the yoga of awareness. Once you learn Kundalini Yoga, your life will change for good and in all positive ways –

  1. A person can develop strong intuition and connect with universal energies through Kundalini Yoga. People who are bad at decision making should consider doing a Kundalini Yoga training course.
  2. You can overcome your habit of negative thinking with Kundalini Yoga. This form of yoga is very beneficial for emotional and mental balance as well.
  3. Kundalini Yoga relaxes the mind and strengthens your nervous system. It has worked wonders in the life of creative people.
  4. Do away with stress and anxieties of life with Kundalini Yoga as you practice Pranayam, Nadi Sodhan, Chanting and Meditation also while doing Kundalini Yoga.

Although there are several yoga schools and institutions teaching Kundalini Yoga, the one course that embraces all aspects is offered by AyushKama Rishikesh. At Ayuskama, you get the benefit of getting guidance from the best Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India and experienced Kundalini Sadhaks.

You can choose to enroll for a 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh to understand the potential of Kundalini and channelize its potential. This course curriculum includes knowledge about Kundalini, Chakras and Nadis, Pranayam, Bandhas, relevant case studies and regular yoga practice. To know more details about this course, dates and fee structure, click………………..

06 Mar 2018

Learning Panchakarma – A Natural way for Detoxification



Having knowledge of Panchakarma is beneficial even for a common man. It is not just an Ayurvedic detox regimen; it is a way of life. Learning about Panchakarma is one of the most amazing gifts you could give yourself not just for the physical benefits it offers but for the mental balance it brings about.

Panchakarma means “five actions” in Sanskrit and it realigns our imbalances and cures our doshas (faults or bio-elements). In this time and age, we have become almost mechanical, working crazy shifts and not taking care of our body and mind. Above all this, we do not follow a balanced diet and often avoid exercising on a regular basis. This makes us prone to diseases and infections. As a result, toxins get accumulated in us that misalign and misbalance our body and mind further.

Let’s tell you about different types of Panchakarma treatments and massages and how it helps a person live disease-free life –

The Panchakarma Process:  Panchakarma treatments are divided into three phases of detoxifications:

  1. Purvakarma is preparation for cleansing
  2. Pradhankarma or Main course of Panchakarma consists of five cleansing procedures
  3. Pashchatkarma, or aftercare, are therapies applied after cleansing

Five main Panchakram technique

  1. Vamana (use of emetics): Artificial vomiting is induced using herbs. It is usually indicated for people with ‘Kapha’ (phlegm) disorders.
  2. Virechan (use of laxatives): Different purgatives are used depending upon a person’s constitution and disease. It is normally used to eliminate excessive Pitta (fire) from its site in the small intestines.
  1. Basti: A colon irrigation procedure to first cleanse the colon (Niruh Basti), and then restore (Asthapan) the function of the colon with medicated enemas.
  1. Nasya (Nasal administration): Medicinal oils or herbal mixtures are inhaled or used as drops (mixed with oils or ghee) to clear the congestion in the sinuses. It is also good for balancing the prana (air) in Vata.
  2. Rakta Mokshana (bloodletting): We recommend blood donations. Researchers at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City have found that non-smoking men who donated blood had a 30% reduced risk for cardiovascular events such as heart attack, bypass, and stroke than non-donors.

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