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Welcome to Ayuskama School of Yoga & Ayurveda in Rishikesh, Yoga Alliance certified and Life Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India.

Meditation courses

At Ayuskama Rishikesh Meditation School India, you will experience the best Meditation techniques based on ancient Indian Vedic system of Health, self-realization, and healing, well-being processes. You will also learn about the roots of your problems with the program like Hatha Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda study, different Vedic healing treatments or spiritual development those will make you understand about the needs of your body and mind, obstacle and their overcome solutions. We will help you to give an experience of reducing the mental and physical all problems by providing customized meditation-yoga practice and natural self-healing treatments with full respects. This will improve your inside and outside balance with intellectual clarity and vitality. You will discover the best experience in a very comfortable, caring and joyful atmosphere naturally!

Ayushkama is unique because of our multidimensional approach, experienced Gurus, high-level Meditation knowledge, Ayurvedic Treatments, and natural healing systems.

Overview of Meditation Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

In our present life, we believe it or not, but we are trying to run from our situations and continue living in our past or future. We all want to live and stay in our present moment. Also, this is true that until we will not have a stress free mind we cannot achieve peace. Knowing or unknowingly we always look for ways that can relax our Body, Mind, breath, and heart.

Meditation is the most powerful way to stay in the present moment which is the mental exercise of regulating attention. This involves concentration and relaxation by focusing on something with a specific posture which has enhanced by yoga.

Ayuskama Ayurveda and Yoga school Rishikesh provides a strong platform that gives you the experience of meditation practices. With this meditation teacher training course in India, you can find out all the solution of your life by learning different meditation traditions and paths. Our meditation training course focuses on the transformational and experiential aspect of meditation practices.

Meditation Teacher Training Course Aims & Objectives:

A meditator is always alert about his thoughts and actions. The Goal of the meditation is to give and increase happiness, joy, bliss and well being within and around. We provide the meditation teacher training course in India to circulate peace into the mind of students and to teach them all the ancient and effective techniques with Yoga.

This course is designed to give the complete picture of meditation to students so they can know how to begin, move and progress to achieve the state of meditation in each stage.

 Who can join- Meditation Teacher Training Course:

 Anyone who wants to learn and understand about meditation can join this course. This is the best way to fight with all your inner problems. Also, the Yoga teachers, Pilot Instructors, fitness Trainers & gurus, healers, Health and wellness coaches, social workers, therapists (Physical, Massage etc), psychologists, educators and all and so forth can join this course. There is no necessity of previous experience.

Types of Meditation Teacher Training Course

Here are some types of Meditation techniques you will learn at Ayuskama:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Spiritual meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Movement meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Kundalini meditation
  • Nada Yoga meditation
  • Hatha Yoga meditation
  • Trataka Meditation.

 Mindfulness Meditation

In mindfulness Mediation, you will learn how to focus on your present experience at Ayuskama Ayurveda and Yoga center Rishikesh center. This means that you will meditate on your present thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

 Chakra Meditation

Chakras are the primary component of the energy body. Our all different kind of feelings and emotions are generated by Chakras. In Chakra meditation, you will learn how to focus and open you 7 body Chakras that are the center of different emotions and energy.

Spiritual meditation

Spirituality is the thought that connects your intellect with yourselves. Spiritual meditation gives you an experience of who you are. In this, your thoughts become beyond this chaotic world surrounding you and connect you directly with soul.

Focused meditation

Focused meditation is the most popular process in which you need to focus on something, that could be breath, sound or anything else. At Ayuskama you will learn the process of Focused mediation and how can you increase it.

Movement meditation

This meditation includes mindfulness meditation with physical movement. Movement meditation gives you an energetic and peaceful experience at a time. You will learn different techniques of this meditation at our center.

Mantra meditation

A mantra is a powerful tool that can change the world. In Mantra Mediation you need to focus on the Mantra repetitions. You can repeat mantra internally by yourselves or can listen from someone else. Our guru will teach you about different Mantras used in this meditation.

Kundalini meditation

The main purpose of this Meditation is to awaken the energy of the base of the spine. At our meditation class, you will learn that how Kundalini meditation does purifies your body system with awareness of thoughts.

Nada Yoga meditation

Nada meditation is of part of yoga that focuses on the vibrations and music. You will learn about how it works internally with Anahata and externally with Ahata. Our Yoga Guru will teach you both the process of Nada yoga meditation.

Hatha Yoga meditation

This meditation is the type of Yoga that includes different types of postures that help to bring peace in mind and body. At Ayuskama Ayurveda and Yoga school Rishikesh you will learn the clean picture of those all the types of Hatha Yoga meditation with their processes.

Trataka Meditation

Trataka has the simple meaning: to Look or to Gaze. In this meditation, you need a gaze on a light mostly candlelight is used in this process. Our Yoga Guru will teach you the perfect distance, light, posture etc of the Trataka meditation. This is used to energize the third eye or the Ajna Chakra our body.

Meditation Teacher Training Course Rishikesh India – Syllabus

  • Introduction of meditation and spiritualism to the Eastern concept
  • Practitioners (Sadhaka) Types.
  • Biography of some enlightened saints.
  • How can you Establish yourself as a meditation teacher?
  • Basic principles and different Meditation paths.
  • Teaching skills, Meditation techniques, Styles and ethics.
  • Structuring and sequencing.
  • Milestones and Obstacles of meditation.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Role of pranayama.
  • Psycho-cleansing practices.
  • Role of Asana, mantra chanting, Mudra and Bandha.
  • Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, and Raja Yoga.
  • Subtle body, prayer, Prana, chakra, intuition, kundalini shakti, Nada (inner sounds).
  • Concentration, meditation, and diet.
  • Applications of yoga and meditation (health, healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment).

Meditation Teacher Training Course Rishikesh India- Benefits

With this program you will gain some benefits:

  • Aarti at the bank of river Ganga.
  • Walk on the Ganga beach.
  • Local sight will be seen.
  • Meeting to Himalayan saints.
  • Brainpower boosting and protection.
  • Brain function stimulation with the ability to teach secular and contemporary meditation techniques.
  • Different meditation trends, techniques, and traditions study.
  • A clear understanding of the core principles of meditation techniques.
  • More than 20 yoga and meditation techniques and application with the experience of Personal clarity, positivity, and peace in life.

Enhancement of Confidence, concentration, creativity, willingness, and entrepreneurial spirit.


$600 USD
(without food & accommodation)For Indian Students: 25500 INR
$1099 USD – Prior booking recommended.
(with meals & Private accommodation)For Indian Students: 47500 INR


Meditation Teacher Training Courses Program Live Dates 2024

Course Dates Starting From 1st of every month 2024 


Course Date

Private(Food & Room) Fees

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1 Feb to 28 Feb 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 Mar to 28 Mar 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 Apr to 28 Apr 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 May to 28 May 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 June to 28 June 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 July to 28 July 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 Aug to 28 Aug 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
2 Sep to 29 Sep 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 Oct to 28 Oct 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
1 Nov to  28 Nov 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now
2 Dec to 29 Dec 2024$1099 USD$600 USDApply Now

Payment Options:

Courses Registration Fees 200 USD + 10 USD Handling Fee

Deposit instructions and details will send to you on your acceptation. Payment methods (Bank transfer /pay pal/western union).
The rest of the payment will be payable on admission day.


After successful completion of the Meditation Teacher Training course, students will get the certificate of this course that is valid and acknowledged all over the world for teaching meditation. Our principles and ethics of teaching standard of Yoga Alliance make the course more professional and experiential.