Panchakarma, as the name implies, is about 5 therapeutic procedures that are meant to detoxify your body. So whether the culprit is your sadistic lifestyle or junk food love or too much work stress; whatever toxins you have accumulated in your body, you can get rid of them all with Panchakarma. Isn’t it a good and comforting way to feel hale and hearty? Yes, it certainly is. Let us tell you a few more amazing things about Panchakarma –

1. Panchakarma is a tailor-made treatment where the expert Vaid will recommend you
different treatment and concoctions based on Nadi Pariksha and your body Prakriti.
Panchakarma does not follow ‘One size fits all’ approach.
2. Abhyangam (body massage with Ayurvedic oil), Swedanam (causing sweating) and
Shirodhara (pouring medicated oil or concoctions over the head) are ancillary
procedures of Panchakarma which are commonly mistaken as main procedures.
3. In case, a person is suffering from some chronic disease, Panchakarma treatment alone
will not suffice. Panchakarma therapies cleanse the body and get rid of toxins thus
making the body more receptive to Ayurvedic medicines.
4. Therapies like Vamana and Nasya bring a balance in case of Kapha dosha while Virechan
and Raktamokshana are recommended when the body has Pitta imbalance.
5. Raktamokshana is one of the lesser known Panchakarma therapies whereby therapeutic
withdrawal of blood is done to remove excess pitta-related ama from the blood. This is
very beneficial to treat skin or hair disorder.
6. Of all the Panchakarma therapies, Basti is considered the most powerful as it aims to
purify and rejuvenate the colon. Ayurveda focuses on the importance of colon as it
plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients.
7. Basti is very different from Enemas as it also nourishes the tissues and removes toxins
while Enema only cleanses the colon.
8. For availing the maximum benefit of Panchakarma, it is advised to take the treatment
for at least two weeks or maximum for a period of 40 days.

9. Panchakarma gives holistic benefits when you spend some time on doing meditation
and yoga in the days you take Panchakarma treatment.
10. When done under expert supervision, Panchakarma treatments also strengthen you
emotionally and intellectually.
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