You might not be aware but the world around has fallen in love with Marma therapy and for all the valid reasons. Marma Therapy is one branch of Ayurveda which facilitates in balancing the prana energy & removing the blockage of energy in your body. This therapy is gaining popularity all across the world because it focuses on vital points in the body which are considered to be access points to body, mind, and consciousness.

In fact, Marma therapy is one of the ancient Indian practices which aid in healing by manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body. Marma Therapy is a gentle treatment which gives a person an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by building a positive link with the unconscious mind.

You would be amazed to know that Marma Therapy doesn’t just work on your physical body; it helps you connect within and even restores the confidence by reinforcing positive thinking and building a positive attitude. That’s why people facing challenges with their mind and thoughts benefit maximum from Marma Therapy. Marma therapy is known for giving excellent results to tackle nervous system disorders, headaches and migraines, general aging problems, anxiety and depression, stress response, fears and phobias, confusion, memory loss and mental focus and to people who often complain of low energy and fatigue.

Marma therapy is also beneficial to address muscular and joint pain, frozen joints, muscular strain and health problems relating to respiratory conditions, digestion etc. The best thing about Marma Therapy is that it doesn’t take ages for a person to learn it. Even a short-term course from experts of Ayurveda can give you an idea on how to practice Marma Therapy.

Ayuskama Rishikesh offers an exclusive Marma Therapy course which will help you to understand the Basic principles of Ayurveda, perform Body constitution examination and even determine appropriate massage therapies for common health concerns and knowledge of common massage oils.

Through this program, you will come to know about Marma (107 Vital points) of human body, about chakaras, nadi & prana along with some practical session of Marma therapy.

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