Ayurveda training

Yes; Yoga is the new buzzword for career enthusiast in health and fitness industry.

No; not every Yoga program can brighten up your future.

Both things said and done, it is important for anyone who wishes to do a beginner or intermediate or advance level of yoga, to understand how significant it is to choose the right Yoga teachers training program. Ayuskama Rishikesh offers an exclusive and extensive 200-hour Yoga Teachers Training program at their RIshikesh centre which is considered one of the best courses for Yoga training worldwide.

The program not only gives you global certification but also makes you confident and knowledgeable enough to chalk out a satisfying and ambitious career for yourself.  Upon completion of 200 hours of yoga training, you can choose to take up yoga training after the course or be a yoga/meditation practitioner for your own health – the choice is yours.

What makes this course distinct and better than other similar courses –

  1. Focus on details – In this 200-hour yoga training course, students gain knowledge about every aspect of Yoga – Asanas, benefits, postures, therapeutic yoga, lifestyle yoga, modifications in asanas, worldwide yoga trends, meditation and even traditional yogic diet.
  2. Innovative & exciting techniques – During these 200 hours of yoga knowledge, the expert faculty of Ayuskama Rishikesh strives to deliver Yoga knowledge in an innovative and exciting manner. The same techniques can thus be practiced and improvised by the students when they choose Yoga training as a career.
  3. Voice Modulation – A yoga trainer is much more than a person who does yoga nicely. A yoga trainer is a person who enthuses energy in others to take up yoga passionately. The technique of voice modulation and making yoga fun is what students can learn when they enrol for 200-hour Yoga Training program.
  4. Yoga Personality – After this 200-hour Yoga course, students are transformed into a yogic personality. One cannot help notice their impressive and positive vibes. They are not just fit and healthy; they are oozing goodness and ideas of wellness.

In fact, Ayuskama Rishikesh courses also highlight how to do Yoga business with integrity and yogic ethics. This 200-hour Yoga training program is a life-changing experience. Are you ready for it?