The life of a Yoga trainer is blissful these days especially because the world has fallen in love with Yogic way of life. In simple words, fitness enthusiasts all over the world have seen that Yoga is the best way to remain fit, lose extra kilos, fat and flab as well. Not just common man, even celebrities are in love with this form of fitness. No wonder, now is the time to train yourself in yoga for maximum gain.

How? With the scientifically designed and comprehensive courses offered by Ayuskama Rishikesh!

Ayuskama Rishikesh is no ordinary institute; it is one of the best and leading Ayurveda, Panchkarma and Yoga institute in Rishikesh offering beginner as well as advanced courses for all types of audience. So if you wish to apprise yourself with worldwide yoga trends, you can enrol in beginner level YOGA and become a certified trainer.

Or if you are already a fitness trainer with good knowledge of Yoga, you can enrol for advanced courses and enrich your skills in yoga training. We have special 200 Hour and 300 Hour Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Course which is comprehensive and covers all aspect of healing including Ayurveda as well as Yoga. Such knowledge and practical course will help you be a yoga/Ayurveda practitioner skilled enough to take classes in lifestyle yoga, weight-loss yoga, therapeutic yoga and holistic healing.

What makes the yoga courses offered by Ayuskama Rishikesh better and more impactful than others? For one, each and every yoga class held at Ayuskama aims to make you understand and experience in reality the concept of Holistic health.

Secondly, the Yoga courses and training given at Ayuskama is totally based on traditional concepts and includes complete knowledge of Chakaras, Marma, Kundalini, Nadis, Bandha and Mudras explaining benefits of each. We also teach Hatha yoga Pradipika & Patanjali Yoga Sutra along with Charka Samhita. Moreover, the way of training yoga is completely in sync with modern yoga classes the need of yoga enthusiasts all over the world.

So while the whole world is making Yoga as their lifestyle to achieve a calm mind and healthy body, you can make a lucrative and successful career with this thousand-year old science of life.