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All of us are born with a basic body type which governs not just our body growth but also the emotional and intellectual developments in our life. Are you keen to understand your body type as per Ayurveda? Read more to discover…

It might sound amusing to many but basically, there are only three basic types of energies, in each one of us. Ayurveda calls them DoshasVatta, Pitta, and Kapha. The three doshas are made up of five elements. All these doshas exist in each one of us but in different proportions. Most of the times, only one dosha is prominent and it defines the way we act, the way our body responds to different stimuli. It is this knowledge of your own body’s dosha that will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your body, decide the foods that are good or bad for you and keep diseases at bay.

Explaining these three doshas –

Vatta Dosha – Vatta dosha combines the energy of space and air elements. So people having vatta dosha would be more creative as their mind is vast like space. However, on the negative side, such people may experience fear and anxiety whenever vatta dosha exceeds in the body beyond normal. Vatta dosha affects blood circulation, breathing and heartbeat. Si whenever vatta dosha is out of balance in a person’s body, he or she may face problems relating to the circulatory system, bones and nervous system.

Pitta Dosha – Pitta Dosha reflects the combination of Fire and Water elements in the body. Such people are warm in nature and fiery by passion. People having Pitta dosha tend to be intelligent, caring, understanding and athletically built. Such people, however, have a tendency to gain weight. Pitta dosha makes a person energetic and passionate; its imbalance however can bring many problems like skin problems, premature greying of hair, baldness, obesity etc.

Kapha Dosha – Combination of Earth and Water element creates Kapha Dosha. Such people are strongly built and are compassionate by nature. Kapha dosha creates lethargy and such people live a laid-back lifestyle. The main problem Kapha imbalance brings is weight gain and excess mucus. Kapha people love to eat and sleep but they should include a lot of physical activities in their lifestyle so to stay fit and healthy.

There is so much more one can explore about each type of dosha. No wonder, people are vying to learn Ayurveda so that they can understand their body and use this knowledge to help others as well as themselves.

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