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Yoga is much more than just lifting some weights; it is rather shedding the extra baggage of negativity and life pressures. That’s why the whole world has fallen with it. Even a simple 10-minute Praanayam routine at home will infuse you with lots of positive energy. How does this happen? Read more…

It has been rightly said that Yoga is the fountain of the good life. You are as young as flexible your spine is! Yoga has changed the lives of millions around the world. Simply because –

  • Not just physical exercise – Yoga is not just about your body. It is about your mind and soul as well. When you do an asana or a posture, you feel its impact within. Doing Sheershasana or headstand or even Surya Namaskar or many other popular yoga asanas help you connect with the energy within. And in today’s world, people who are connected with internet feel lost but those who have secured their connection intra-net are empowered and happy. That’s why Yoga is considered the best form of physical as well as spiritual and emotional ‘me-time’.
  • Yoga gives you a sense of total surrender – Most of the negativity in life comes from the will and wish to control things. We want to have life going our way. But in truth, happy are those who need the least. This feeling of surrender comes with yoga. You see, you will not be trying to dictate your body to bend in a particular style or stay steadfast. You will rather be flowing with the rhythm of your body. Yoga is not about holding on to; yoga means letting go and accepting the free flow of life. This acceptance makes you positive and cheerful.
  • No Saturation Point – Yoga postures have no limit; the key lies in discovering yourself and discovering something new every day. Even when you have mastered the poses and attained required flexibility; you keep reaching a new high with regular practice of asanas which can be done daily. Yoga is like Music, and there’s no end to its melody and beauty.

Life is far from perfect; it is the positive attitude and positive thinking that lends us strength even in extremely difficult times. So if you wish to develop positive thinking, discover invigoration in relaxation, freedom in routine, confidence through control and energy within and around; we invite you to be a part of the ever-growing family of Ayuskama Rishikesh which has been recognized as a catalyst in the discipline of Yoga and Ayurveda.