16 Jan 2017
Ayurveda treatments in india

Ayurveda Courses & Treatments in India

As the name suggests, the Wish for the long and healthy life and blissful journey amid the towering and guarding of Himalayas in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Ayuskama focuses on an interesting and fruitful blend of Ayurveda and Yoga for complete wellness of the human body. Located 230 km north of New Delhi, Ayuskama Rishikesh stands tall around Green estates with the views of the Ganges on one side and the mountain peaks on the other pleasing the tourist’s eyes, mind, and spirit upon waking up every morning. Yoga pavilions, landscaped gardens, terraces facing a clear sky, Rejuvenation Cuisine are some of the many distinguishing features you can get at Ayuskamkama Rishikesh.

Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation:- Highly experienced trainers & therapists are employed in the boutiques here at Ayuskama. The Ayurveda treatments are fashioned according to the Himalayan conditions. Use of less oil, slow and synchronized massages and regulation of a nutritious diet go into the making of customized treatments for guests under the supervision of experienced physicians and therapists. An aftercare programme is planned for the benefit of the client at the last leg of the Ayurveda trip. “Our clientele has grown from in-house guests to both in-house and local guests requesting for a wellness experience set amidst the beautiful views of Himalaya” From hot stone massages, facials, yoga, and meditation, we have various other features for visitors.

There is a range of Ayurveda treatments available for travelers to India

  • Beginners courses in Ayurveda
  • Massage Course
  • Diploma in Ayurveda healthcare
  • Marma Therapy
  • Ayurveda Panchkarma
  • Ayurveda Nutrition & Cooking
  • yoga Teacher training
  • 200 hour Yoga classes
  • Yoga Therapies and various Other Ayurveda and Yoga Courses. Ayurveda tourism is growing dramatically in India, both for pure Ayurveda treatments as well as Ayurveda & Yoga inspired Courses & Experiences. Travelers from all income-levels are curious to experience new wellness treatments.


Air:- A 45-minute flight from New Delhi to Dehradun Jolly Grant airport followed by a one-hour drive.

Train:- A four-hour journey from New Delhi to Haridwar railway station followed by a half hour drive.

Road:- The driving time between New Delhi and Rishikesh is approximately five and a half hours.

16 May 2016
Importance of Ayurveda

Importance Of Ayurveda in Our Lives

Modern life is what we proudly say. But the Modern life has changed our lifestyle where work, communication, business and travel has been made extremely easy for man, with various gadgets and machines equipped with previously unheard-of electronic technology. Still inspite of these comforts, life has become more complex and competitive. Man finds himself more under stress than ever before because with the modern technology and lifestyle.

The world today is plagued by numerous diseases. Advancement in medical science has led to the discovery of many therapies and treatment which to a large extent has alleviated human problems. Ayurveda, which has been widely recognized as a system of natural health care for both men as well as women describes a wide-ranging system of natural medicine that put forth a range of approaches for different aspects of life, which if taken together to have the ability to generate perfect health and long life.

Ayurveda is a branch of medicine which originated and is practiced in India for more than 5000 years. It is as fresh and useful to humans today as it was in the ancient times yet more relevant and applicable in these modern times. Its use provides a holistic approach to our daily lives.

There are various therapies and Trainings available in Ayurveda and the Best Place in India to get these trainings are in Ayuskama Rishikesh which has over 10years of experience in Ayurveda Trainings and therapies and have trained over 1000 students globally. To book your courses or know more about it click on www.ayuskamarishikesh.com

become an certified ayurveda therapist

According to ayurvedic lifestyle, one should get 7-8 hours sleep daily. On waking up in the morning, one should drink a glass of warm water which helps in flushing out toxins collected in the body overnight. One should wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. Regular exercise includes walking, swimming and yoga amongst other light exercises, helping to maintain good health by making a person mentally relaxed and more active, alert, happy and strong; it also improves appetite and aids in more rapid removal of wastes from the body.. A regular massage of the whole body with herbal oils enhances the effects of a regular exercise and makes the skin supple.

Ayurveda provides holistic treatment for combating physical as well as mental illnesses. This ancient form of treatment has not just been proven but also been accepted around the globe. Ayurveda makes use of drug (prepared from natural herbs), promotes behavioral changes and intake of nutritious diet so that problems related to mind and body can be resolved so that vitality and good health is enhanced.

Though the application as well as medical constitutions of thousands of year old Medicine system are much different from that of modern medicine, it would be incorrect to say that modern science can eradicate all types of diseases while Ayurveda cannot be used treat major diseases like cancer, Diabetes that have plagued mankind.

Ayurveda is gaining importance on a daily basis in every household across the globe which makes one believe the benefits we receive by adopting ayurveda life is enormous and life changing.


Air : A 45-minute flight from New Delhi to Dehradun Jolly Grant airport followed by a one-hour drive.

Train : A four-hour journey from New Delhi to Haridwar railway station followed by a half hour drive.

Road: The driving time between New Delhi and Rishikesh is approximately five and a half hours.